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Travel Design and Concierge

We provide consultancy and develop personalized travel itineraries to Italy, tailored to your profile, needs and desires, budget, and availability. 


We help you decide which regions/cities to visit organizing the best logistics to make the most of your time. We will suggest what to do at each stop, the must-see places, how to get around, where to stay or eat, and ideas for tours and experiences. In short, everything you need for an unforgettable trip.


The digital itinerary includes photos, maps, links, and all important information about the places to be visited.


How does it work? We send you a questionnaire to understand the type of trip you want to take, the number of people, your age, style, etc. Then we schedule a video call to outline your profile. With all that in hand, we start the research and produce the travel plan suited to your interests and budget.


We require 20 days for this service.

Price: 40€ per day of itinerary


We also offer concierge services, such as airport transfers, visits to outlets and showrooms for shopping, tours to the Franciacorta and Barolo wineries, or visits to Lake Como and other beautiful places around Milan.


Get in touch and let's start designing your perfect giro!

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