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About us

For us, Italy is a love affair!

The impact of the colors, flavors, authenticity, and beauty accumulated over the centuries was enough to steal our hearts when we first set foot here 17 years ago. At that moment we knew that in addition to being the origin of our ancestors, “the boot” was also our destiny.


We kept coming to Italy over the years, and in 2014 we took a break from “real life” to live a sabbatical here. And with each experience and discovery, we were helplessly seduced by the easy smile, the natural and cultural richness, the delightful mess, and the pride and pleasure in the life of the Italians.


Our dream came true in 2020 when we moved here. And it also paved the way for another one, that of sharing Italian pleasures and wonders with as many people as possible, and also helping them navigate this wonderful chaos. It doesn't matter if you are a first-time tourist, a veteran traveler, or if you also want to move to Italy. At Giro in Piazza we help you discover and fall in love with it, one piazza at a time!

Galeria Vittorio Emanuele

Who makes the Giro spin


I'm Fabiana Pellicciari, founder of Giro in Piazza.

After 21 years as an executive in Brazil and the USA, I faced the butterflies in my stomach and went after the Italian dream. Passionate about art, design and culture, I select whatever is most interesting for your tour of Italy.

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